iOS 9 vs Marshmallow: The Battle of Best Mobile OS

Google and Apple are two tech giants, also famous as rivals of each other. Both of their unsaturated products always put a remarkable impression on the customers. But when the question comes for about their mobile based operating system, the mind starts to bewilder.

The reason behind is that both the OS is highly appreciable on their end. On one hand where Apple has recently disclosed its iOS 9 (iOS 9.2 is released recently), on the other hand, Android 6 aka Marshmallow was launched. So there is a sturdy battle between these two OS. So, let’s check out the comparison between these two tech products.

iOS 9 vs Marshmallow

Interface based comparison:

An outlook is what makes the OS attractive. The same is with both the OS. Both these OS experienced not many changes compared to its earlier versions. Also, both of them look somewhat alike to each other; like both iOS 9 and Marshmallow are provided with old flavored icons. Only a new font has been provided to iOS9.

Battery Life comparison:

When the comparison comes to power backup (battery backup), both these OS is blessed with some advance features to enhance their battery backup. The Low battery mode in iOS and Doze feature in Android has made the devices to last longer. But in totality, the battery performance depends on the applications installed on the device (regardless of the smartphone brand).
It is noticeable that Samsung branded Android phones are superior in terms of battery backup. They are capable enough to let the user to use the phone for 2.3 days with 20% battery left within. So, in terms of battery, you don’t need to bother anyhow.

Digital Assistant Comparison:

The digital assistant is the voice recognition applications pre-installed in the OS to assist the user based on their voice commands. It reads the contacts, messages, information lying within your phone so that a crisp reply can be responded to you.
With the introduction of Google Now, Apple provoked their SiRi named digital Assistant. SiRi is coded so as to revert with the most exact piece of results for the user queries. But when it is compared with Google Now, the accuracy somewhere lacks. Google Now is renowned for its accurate response.

Compatibility Comparison:

The question of compatibility can never be asked for Apple phones. It is well known that iOS can only be installed in Apple branded phones i.e. iPhones. On the contrary, Google has permitted to use Android in any of the compatible handsets. So, all the latest smartphones are being sold with this OS. Also, many of the old devices are receiving this OS as an update.

Other Features comparison:

Two new features named Google Wallet and fingerprint scanner are also bestowed in these OS. Talking about Android, the Google Play is given a new name i.e. Android Pay. The point of attention is that Android M compatible devices will be capable to use Android Pay as well.
Moving onto Apple, with the addition of Touch ID, it’s convenient to use Apple Pay with the inclusion of loyalty cards. So, all in all, the Wallet and touch feature is similar in both of them.

Conclusion:  There is not any doubt that both the tech giants have provided the best of their products in form of this updated OS. In some aspects, both of them are highly admirable whereas, there are always some points where they may be criticized.
So all in all, you need to experience them in order to search out the best one from your perspective.

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