Tips to Create Mobile Apps That Allure Users

App developers often face this difficulty that in the much crowded arena of mobile apps how and what new they offer to the users that really fetches their attention. However, it’s not always easy for them to think out of the box, although, we believe that by following a plan they can easily get rid of this trouble and create something exceptional. We have accumulated the following tips for the ease of the developers across the globe to create apps alluring to all.

Tips to create mobile apps

Interactive Design

The first thing is that binds the attention of a user is the liveliness in any dimension and if it’s missing then you must think of something outstanding. Remember that a design should not only be appealing but also goal driven. The rest of the features like usability, affordance and signifiers, learn ability, feedback and response time should also be included to make it loveable to your targeted users.

Understand Your Users

It’s not easy and trust me nobody can understand their users mindset. However, by applying a few fundamental tactics you can at least have a structural idea to understand their notions. You can explore the expected behavior of your targeted users and determine what will drive users’ decision within your app. There are other tactics including User Scenarios, Experience Maps etc. to further make the anticipation stronger.

Content and User Flow Should Be Mapped Out

Keep your research and design work in parallel so that you understand how users flow between content and actions before committing to a path and reach to a certain level. Initially, a rough sketch of user flow based on what you have learned so far would do for you. Nobody is going to mind even if it is a simple prototype. You can use some names, their actions and results. Thus, with this method you will get an apt idea along with a common understanding of each step your users are going to face.

Put Familiar Mobile Patterns to Boost Usability

For ideas, you can examine popular interfaces and get an insight of them to understand the common patterns, like slide-out navigation. This will give you the opportunity to create a UI loved by all. You can use common UI patterns as a baseline for usability and this will ensure that the app design you have built fits well with the users’ expectations. Gestures and animations can also be used to have it more alluring.

Cut Out the Clutter

While creating the UX, the 3 click rule was nullified, however, it can be considered in mobile app designing. This practice will compel you to get a clear idea whether you need all the screens or not. The aim of this practice is that a user should be able to perform all his tasks without any fuss.


To have an upper hand in today’s climate where thousands of apps are being released everyday it is essential to have a clear idea what exactly you want to target. Apart from the aforementioned tips, some other relevant tips including-keeping the importance of Android, consider small markets, marketing can also help you to a great level.

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