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Hybrid App Development

Hybrid Mobile Apps offering Native Experience with Web Technologies

  According to surveys HTML is the most widely used language by mobile app developers. Cross platform portability of code and low development cost is the main reason why developers are using HTML. Hybrid app  built using HTML5 and JavaSript, covered in a native container, so they look like native app. Hybrid app is web application that translates to native code on iPhone and Android platform.

hybrid mobile app development

Top 7 SDKs and Development Platforms to Develop Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid app development is gaining significant popularity among businesses with the easy and cost-effective options it offers for building apps for different platforms. With ever increasing numbers of mobile gadgets and their types, you can see a lot things being worked the hybrid way. The rule of demand and supply applies here too. Unlike what was the case early on when the cross-platform apps just broke to fill in the varied requirements of having multi-platform apps, we have grown into several options with time. Of course, the ones that have better opening towards various technology themes and deployment possibilities. Most...