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Where Do You Start for Developing Beautiful Android Apps?

  If you are a coder already, you have an advantage over those who have no past with programming. But that doesn’t mean that you just have to learn how code syntax works in Android development. That’s far from enough. You need to learn about the whole range of resources, approach and support that Android developer’s guidelines have to offer. These details would help you get started with building beautiful Android apps: First things first! Reconsidering that you are starting from zero and have no experience with coding or simply all your skills with coding have faded away for that...

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Five things to consider before start building your next mobile app

Just having an idea to build your mobile app is not enough. You need to have plans to back it up. To get these plans right you have to be very clear with your needs. Further, in order to make everything flow into the right direction you need to think about the facilities and features you are aiming to have accompanying your idea and the resources that go in making a committed and acquiescent application product. So, here are these five things that you need to know before you build a mobile app: 1. Purpose of app Earning money or...