Great Opportunity for Online Retailers to Increase Sales Focusing on eCommerce mobile apps

With the increased usage of mobile and apps, smartphone and smartphone apps are ruling in the present times. In fact a study shows that there are more of mobile app users as compared to the desktop users. This way it’s clear that mobile apps are gaining more and more prominence and here we present the reasons for online retailers to invest in mobile apps.

eCommerce mobile apps

  1. Enhanced & Personalized User Experience

Being an online retailer, it’s always a profitable deal to build a mobile app as this way you can reach out to your target audience and engage with them personally. After all these mobile apps offer more of a personalized experience as compared to desktop sites and also present many ways to interact with your customers in a mobile apps. Like you can integrate the app with social media sites, push messages, in-app chat, send personalize discount and many others. This ultimately leads to enhanced conversion rate.

  1. Push Notifications

Today most of online retailers use mobile shopping applications and amongst the many features push notification is seen as a striking one. With the use of push notifications retailers can easily inform their customers about any discount, promotion, an upcoming event or arrival of new products. The significance of push notification is that it notifies the user when a person is not using the app. After all, the approval of customer is necessary to send these notifications.

Another important aspect of push notification is Geo-targeted push notifications. Like in case a retailer wants to offer a discount or promotion only in certain countries or cities then it’s possible with geo-targeted push notification. This feature greatly increases sales opportunities.

  1. Real Time Support

With the use of live chat and other in-app tools, the customers can contact the retailers in real time.

  1. Accelerated Customer Acquisition with Cross-Channel Targeting

With the availability of various channels and platforms, the customers have numerous smartphones and tablet gadgets to buy. This is why cross-channel selling absolutely makes sense. eCommerce businesses must allow their customers or prospectus to constantly shift from one channel to another. These apps are certainly an add-on to your cross channel selling as well as the vital element that you must add to the network.

  1. Convenient Shopping

With mobile applications you can shop conveniently as you get integrated payment solutions that allow one touch shopping. Meanwhile, the price comparison tools facilitate retailers to drive more traffic and sales.

  1. Augment in-store Purchase Experience

Now you can have a great in-store purchase experience. For instance, if a customer is nearby your store, then you can invite them to your store. Same way if they have added any item to their wish list then you can push notification to them for the purchase. There are various other possibilities.

  1. Dynamic Offers

Online retailers can deliver dynamic offers based on geo-location, interest and time based with the use of geo-targeting and push notifications of the mobile apps. This way you can easily increase traffic and sales.

  1. Increased Customer Loyalty

Now you can build more loyal customers and stay in touch with them offering the best deals using pop-ups and notifications. While most users visit your desktop site accidently because of ads or online searches, a mobile app is useful in building loyal customers having keen interest in your products. This way you get loyal customers instead of one time shoppers using mobile apps.

  1. Customers Love to Shop Using Mobile Apps

Research shows that the customers spend most of their time shopping in their apps as they find it easier than shopping using desktops. People can use mobile apps whenever they get free time at any place and this flexibility is the reason behind the popularity of mobile apps.

This way it would be right to say that eCommerce apps are certainly the need of today’s online retailers and this greatly adds to the profits.

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