iOS 8 : How It Will Work With Your iPhone 6

You know it’s big. iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are together going to change the world’s way to react to the mobile technology needs. But it has not happen in a day. This happened gradually. It’s the user temperament and the consumption habit that changed or rather evolved first and made this happen.

iOS 8 for iPhone 6

In any given situation or time, if we talk about any such technology, it first convinces the usage and then slowly moves into the system. Even in this case Apple has taken some time to do that and to come into evidence but it has been accepted full-heartedly by every possible dimension of people’s life. With iOS 8 and iPhone 6 coming in a close-knitted facility makes the technology take great leap towards future of mobile communication. This is the reason why it is so important for all of us to understand how the biggest iOS release ever and the most advanced version of a smart phone will work together to convert, communicate and characterize our things, resources and ideas better.

The concept

Not just the functions but the concept too has taken a giant leap in raising the resources for user-driven applications. Just imagine about Siri controlling every household device like fans, lights, and electronic appliances. Apart from this, you can see a lot of benefits coming in the area of health and fitness by allowing you device to work with latest health gadgets and attaching it with your daily-life needs like attaining your diet goals and even regular health checkups and medication help. The Retina HD Display will play a major role in committing to the next level viewing experience with expansive interactive capacity. Think about just anything from a basic photo utility app or a regular chat module to 3D games, everything is driven out of a concept and characterized with the most advanced user-oriented facility.

The main features


Expect a lot new things happening with the camera. Visible penetrations and augmented communication features would make your new iPhone lens do a lot interactive for you. Connecting your camera features with third party apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will prove highly beneficial and productive for you in many ways. The camera kit will always fall in place with detailed image editing features like crop, filter, image swapping, color balance, grouping etc. – keeping you ask for more.


The compact features and heavy-duty arrangements make it deliver a rare perspective of capture with slow motion and Facetime features. With the message app in iOS 8 include Snapchat and self-destructing video. The videos that you are going to have now are going to crispier than ever – not just with their reception but the interactivity and resources too.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

With iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus working on iOS 8, you get the chance to go one step ahead with the conventional Near Filed Communication feature. The enterprising quality of Apple Pay allows you to have access to bank cards and revolutionize your payments.

Touch ID

Just think of next level touch commands. With the new iPhone, you can use your finger prints to login to just any application that you want to restrict to secured access. So now, it’s impossible to have just anyone to be in between you and your mean gadget.


Well, with this move Apple has surprised its users, as this time your iPhone would come with Android style predictive messaging breaking its independent model. The comprehensive Swype style keyboards are going to offer you all the space you need for messaging besides keeping the whole typing experience highly smooth and responsive.

Health and Fitness

It is going to change the way you think about iPhone health and fitness apps. The new technology would bring you all the features that help you keep close with your fitness goals. The new iPhone gives you best of exposure adding an extra role to each attribute of the tool panel to act in compliance with your fitness regime. It will bring you a Barometer (to calculate elevation), Accelerometer (to gauge distance traveled), Gyroscope (to track running), and an array of other features that would help you do a lot with your fitness needs.


iPhone 6 and iOS 8 certainly comes together to offer you the right piece of utility that helps you think of the most advanced solution update with the help of latest tools. The amazing iOS 8 technology not just upgrades the range but also helps you experience things better with existing display characteristics and of course more segregated and individually capacitive utility features. Look for the twin technology to bring you the most of transmissible, standardized and streamlined practice of mobile communication, in the most attractive combination of features and packaging you have ever experienced in the domain.

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  1. Vernita says:

    Great Read! iOS 8 comes with few bugs, but i still think, it is an advancement in success of iPhone 6 and upcoming series. The best feature for most of the people is Apple Pay, as you described, “an easier way to pay”. :-)