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Where Do You Start for Developing Beautiful Android Apps?

  If you are a coder already, you have an advantage over those who have no past with programming. But that doesn’t mean that you just have to learn how code syntax works in Android development. That’s far from enough. You need to learn about the whole range of resources, approach and support that Android developer’s guidelines have to offer. These details would help you get started with building beautiful Android apps: First things first! Reconsidering that you are starting from zero and have no experience with coding or simply all your skills with coding have faded away for that...


Why We Love Android (And You Should, Too!)

We have witnessed Mobile Phone applications use showing unparallel growth across the globe. When it’s about purchasing a new phone, we are provided with the number of options, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows, Symbian or last but not the least Android. And in this race of the titans does Android really leave its mark? Let’s have a look. Android entered the market of smart phone apps as a revolutionary thrust. Today you want to buy a new phone, Android is the best option to opt for. Why? Android is available with number of handsets which make you free to choose the one of...

Adaptive Android design

Create scalable Android UI with Adaptive Android Design

Due to the large number of devices available for Android, it can sometimes get challenging to build app on the platform that works compliantly throughout. Different screen sizes, diverse display options and varying measurements from ever rising number of devices has a large bearing on how you decide on keeping the app consistent and high-on-quality for all the options targeted. Well, not for those who put up with Adaptive Android Design. If you are an Android app developer and still don’t know what Adaptive Android Design is, it is a big miss for you. It is not a new technique or...