Top 7 SDKs and Development Platforms to Develop Hybrid Mobile Apps

hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid app development is gaining significant popularity among businesses with the easy and cost-effective options it offers for building apps for different platforms. With ever increasing numbers of mobile gadgets and their types, you can see a lot things being worked the hybrid way.

The rule of demand and supply applies here too. Unlike what was the case early on when the cross-platform apps just broke to fill in the varied requirements of having multi-platform apps, we have grown into several options with time. Of course, the ones that have better opening towards various technology themes and deployment possibilities. Most importantly, these are few of the tools that have worked extraordinarily in making the technology more compatible with allied resources and offered a better platform to work on.

Here is the list of top 7 SDKs and development platforms to develop Hybrid mobile apps:



PhoneGap is undoubtedly the most popular of them all. It is not possible that you haven’t heard the name of PhoneGap if you have ever looked to have a hybrid app built for you. PhoneGap uses Cordova for the command-line interface and compile your app into the clouds allowing you to easily refer to the codes and re-use them whenever needed. This also allows you to instantly implement codes on your mobile device to build significant cross-platform apps.

Apache Cordova


It is an open source set of device APIs that allows accessing the native functionalities. Using Apache Cordova, you can work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript most interactively to build your hybrid app. It is highly compatible with all the cross-platform facilities that allow you to build your app with a few changes in code. Besides, it offers you a number of plug-ins to work with and that’s what keeps you working with latest options and features to add necessary elements to your hybrid app.

Sencha Touch

Snecha Touch

Standing tall and strong from a long time, Sencha Touch is among the most used tools for Hybrid app development. It offers tremendous facility to work on different mobile devices with HTML5 and allied themes. Applications built with Sencha are known for offering great look and feel, just like native apps. Besides, you get to build applications for iOS even when you don’t have a Mac.  Now, that’s great!

Ionic Framework

Ionic framework

Ionic is yet another important hybrid app development tool that comes with an extensive library of HTML, CSS, and Javascript gestures including various tools and components. The best part is all of them are mobile-optimized. Ionic is a SaaS based tool, designed to work with AngularJS allowing developers to work on highly interactive options and control dynamic views of the apps. Truly a performer!

Onsen UI Framework

Onsenui Framework

A no-nonsense UI framework for making your life easy with developing high-end applications made with amazingly advanced features. It primarily engages Javascript and CSS and applies PhoneGap/Cordova themes. Also works with jQuery and AngularJS, which makes it versatile in its offerings. Onsen comes with truly awesome built-in facilities that include theme roller, exclusive fonts and screen transition schemes among other amazing GUI tools.


Angular Js

As already mentioned AngularJS works wonderfully with libraries and is fully extensible. It is mostly preferred over other options for the arrangements it offers to take your app to different levels of dynamic capabilities. Apparently, it allows you to perform beyond the static nature of HTML and extensively build swift and smooth dynamic views for your hybrid app. Amazing shift from the ordinary!

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is one of the most cherished open source hybrid facilities used by developers worldwide. It uses JavaScript SDK to build app in a fast and secured manner. The technology that powers up Titanium includes Studio (which is an IDE based on Eclipse), Alloy (which is an MVC framework) and different Cloud services. That’s enough of flare to make it to the Top 7 SDKs for Hybrid app development!

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