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Adaptive Android design

Create scalable Android UI with Adaptive Android Design

Due to the large number of devices available for Android, it can sometimes get challenging to build app on the platform that works compliantly throughout. Different screen sizes, diverse display options and varying measurements from ever rising number of devices has a large bearing on how you decide on keeping the app consistent and high-on-quality for all the options targeted. Well, not for those who put up with Adaptive Android Design. If you are an Android app developer and still don’t know what Adaptive Android Design is, it is a big miss for you. It is not a new technique or...

android studio 1.0

Google’s new Android Studio 1.0 IDE is out for easy app development

If you have any connection with mobile app development or something of that sort, you must be familiar with the term IDE. Well, if you don’t, IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment and for Google it comes with the name Android Studio. It is known as one of the most dependable environments facilitating mobile development. With the introduction of Android Studio, it has become easy for developers to use features from various third party sources and integrate plans to develop apps in a steady and standardized milieu of development resources including various features and methods. The good news is, now...

iphone app development

5 Things That Make iOS Better Than Android

Since the day of its launch, iPhone is high on sensex. You believe it or not, the users of iPhone have only grown to believe in it more even when technology rivals taking a 360 degree turn to supersede the Apple’s star performer. This is the personality that iPhone throws across and makes it share the element with smart phone enthusiasts that is second to none. It’s a buffet of possibilities when it comes at innovation in and around communication technology and beats Android in many aspects. On a global scale, iPhone has been modeled as a phone with simplest...