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Why We Love Android (And You Should, Too!)

We have witnessed Mobile Phone applications use showing unparallel growth across the globe. When it’s about purchasing a new phone, we are provided with the number of options, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows, Symbian or last but not the least Android. And in this race of the titans does Android really leave its mark? Let’s have a look. Android entered the market of smart phone apps as a revolutionary thrust. Today you want to buy a new phone, Android is the best option to opt for. Why? Android is available with number of handsets which make you free to choose the one of...

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What To Learn From Successful Mobile Apps as a Developer

It is not enough as a programmer to have skills to do coding and knowing just the technology to build an app with. Rather to have receptivity and openness to learn from other works counts the most here. An app developer can only gain a keen eye to detail when he looks at different perspectives of app development and relates it with the needs of users. By looking at the way resources are being implemented within the apps and made to work with the current user needs, you get the idea on how to work with the key factors in...

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Make your mobile app successful before launch

Now that your amazing idea is in place and you are all ready to take it ahead to build an amazing app out of it, you are in need to tune-in with some right piece of action in the pre-launch phase. Do it with the right plan in mind and ponder over few things that need to be taken care of while you go about bringing your mobile app up. Finding the right developer An unshaped, hand-beaten, untreated idea is all you have for now. It needs to be worked upon by professionals to go the right direction and to...