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Tips to Create Mobile Apps That Allure Users

App developers often face this difficulty that in the much crowded arena of mobile apps how and what new they offer to the users that really fetches their attention. However, it’s not always easy for them to think out of the box, although, we believe that by following a plan they can easily get rid of this trouble and create something exceptional. We have accumulated the following tips for the ease of the developers across the globe to create apps alluring to all. Interactive Design The first thing is that binds the attention of a user is the liveliness in...

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Wearables Technology all set to trend in 2016

There is no doubt that wearable technology is highly prominent in the present times and most businesses around the globe are ready to invest their money in it. Going by the latest trends, consumers are quite intrigued with wearable technology and Accenture’s Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014 reports avers that 52 percent of surveyed consumers across countries like Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States) are interested in buying wearable device such as fitness monitors.

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What To Learn From Successful Mobile Apps as a Developer

It is not enough as a programmer to have skills to do coding and knowing just the technology to build an app with. Rather to have receptivity and openness to learn from other works counts the most here. An app developer can only gain a keen eye to detail when he looks at different perspectives of app development and relates it with the needs of users. By looking at the way resources are being implemented within the apps and made to work with the current user needs, you get the idea on how to work with the key factors in...