5 Things That Make iOS Better Than Android

Since the day of its launch, iPhone is high on sensex. You believe it or not, the users of iPhone have only grown to believe in it more even when technology rivals taking a 360 degree turn to supersede the Apple’s star performer. This is the personality that iPhone throws across and makes it share the element with smart phone enthusiasts that is second to none.

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It’s a buffet of possibilities when it comes at innovation in and around communication technology and beats Android in many aspects. On a global scale, iPhone has been modeled as a phone with simplest dynamics around. It is more of a trend and a phenomenon that is closely built on user needs. A large number of followers take iOS as the most powerful platform over anything that Android offers owing to the unrivaled features and possibilities it offers.

Here are the 5 things that make iOS better than Android:

1. Consistency

iOS only works with Apple iPhone. Consistency with model, make and type makes iOS the most consistent platform to operate and work on. This makes them command better development possibilities and it allows to resourcefully adding changes to the functionality without affecting the steadiness and uniformity across a board of devices being used over the years. On the contrary, there are over 18,000 of Android devices that developers have to worry about. This makes Android rely on third party vendors to push updates off the shelf – hence affecting the consistency badly.

2. Online Store

Undoubtedly, iTunes is the brightest place on internet to have mobile apps. The number of apps that are offered by Apple is far beyond what Android offers. This is like if you have to develop an app you would first go for iPhone and then use Android as ‘other’ option. You would quickly relate to this point if you have worked around such setting. This is the reason why you have such popular apps like Infinity Blade or Dark Sky and even the Fling on iPhone and not on Android till yet.

3. Not a Malware Marketplace

Security firm F-Secure released a report earlier this year providing details declaring 99 percent of malware are targeted towards Android users. You may blame the platform fragmentation for making it so prone to hack attacks. The worst part is you may even download these malicious programs from the Google’s own app marketplace. This is not the same with iPhone and you can expect iOS to be highly safe having unlikely conditions and arrangements that you see in case of Android.

4. No more crapware

It is highly believed that iPhone is just the same no matter where you get it from. Buy it from the Apple Store itself or an AT&T store, a Verizon outlet or even at Wal-Mart, you will get just the same thing. Quite opposite to that, you can have a completely different experience in case of Android as fragmented manufacturers and carriers go on cramming additional programs, useless utilities and heavy detailing to make the nice piece of technology get hopeless on being produced with versions of it. This crapware clearly sets the two of them apart.

5. Great service

All iPhone users would go by the fact that whatever problems they have faced with the device has been resolved within no time. Whenever you have problems with your phone, you can walk down to the nearest Apple Store and you can get it replaced within few minutes just by sharing your Apple ID and of course replacing your phone with them. This is possible even when your phone has something as prominent and serious as a large gash on the display. There’s no way you get a replacement for an Android this way. Even if your vendor has the best of policies to help you with service you are most likely to get it resolved in much more time than you experience with Apple.

These are the major reasons from the lot that make iOS a better platform that Android and this goes far in overshadowing various benefits offered by Android as a mobile platform. Looking at both the technologies one can easily say that there is high possibility that you see one leaving another behind in any aspect, any time in future. But for now, as far as these points are concerned you just can’t see Android coming any closer to iOS.

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