Some amazing apps for your new iPhone 6

Are you a proud owner of the iPhone 6 already? Now that you have the amazing phone in your hands, you will definitely want the best apps for the same as well. The phone has pre-installed iOS 8 mobile operating system and the OS supports great apps and features including hi-end graphics, app extensions and widget installations and so on.

iphone6 apps

Here are some of the amazing apps that can be installed on your iPhone 6:

Swype for transforming the keyboard of iPhone 6 – Swype has been one of the most popular apps on Android platform. But with iOS 8, the app can be used on iPhone 6 as well. Texting becomes easier with the app where you do not need to tap on the alphabets for typing, but just swiping over the alphabets will do.

Yahoo weather app – The Yahoo weather app can be downloaded and installed on the new iPhone 6. Check out the current weather conditions of the place on the large screen of the iPhone 6 with the amazing app extension feature. It is also possible to get weather forecast for the coming one week via the app.

Pocket, the app that enables you to see things later – There are times when you would like to save certain videos, links and articles for watching them later. The app, Pocket helps in viewing these things even if there is no internet connectivity. There is an app extension available with the app, which can help in saving things directly from Safari browser. The app lets continuing browsing without shuffling between various apps.

Storing all important works and documents with Evernote – Storing various projects has become convenient with Evernote including collecting images, creating to-do-lists, saving work documents and scanning business cards and so on. The best thing is that these documents can be synced across all devices. There is a new widget in the Notification Center, from where quick notes can be created.

Modern Combat 5 with stunning graphics – If you are a gaming enthusiast, the ‘Modern Combat 5: Blackout’ is sure to impress you. The multiplayer mode, the solo campaign and the four customizable classes are the attractive features of the app. The visual and graphical effects like improved explosions, richer weather effects, upgraded environments, all get better with the new update of the app.

Tumblr optimized for the iPhone 6 – Tumblr has been a popular app used in smartphones for quite some time now. For iPhone 6, it has been optimized and full-width posts can be seen. Posting to Tumblr directly has been possible from other apps with the new ‘Share’ button from Tumblr.

Remember all your passwords with 1Password – The app 1Password helps in storing all passwords, credit card details and information, login ids and other confidential information in one place. Keeping track of all these data gets easier with 1Password. The iOS app extension has made using the app more simple and convenient with iPhone 6’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

While some of the apps for iPhone 6 are free, some of them are paid. Choose the apps that you need and install them for better iPhone experience.

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