Develop your Apple Watch Apps with WatchKit Software Tools

The much awaited Apple Watch is all set to make its debut in the opening months of 2015, as declared in an official statement by Apple. Before we have it launched, we have the Beta version of the WatchKit to be used by developers for getting started with the programming and utilizing its resources for testing.

apple watch wearable technology

What’s WatchKit About?

So what is this WatchKit all about? Highly regarded as Apple’s most personal device ever, Apple Watch has a lot to offer in terms of possibilities to developers and users alike. WatchKit is going to bring in a lot of resources together in form of tools and the environment to create great platform to allow wearable technology to be accepted by all. iOS 8.2 Beta SDK is going to power it up with the amazing new approach and object transition elements, allowing you to convert never-before ideas into astounding apps. The innovative Apple Watch interface is going to offer you the right dais to act on latest ideas with prominent actionable resources and standardized task panel.

The best part is it will allow you to work with latest technologies like Force Touch, Digital Crown and Taptic Engine – which is in itself a great way for developers to open up and act dynamically towards innovation. This will allow developers to think out of the box and create applications putting in features that have a lot of new mobility to be received by the user. For example, putting in a trigger on the app that lets the user take dynamic action to manage the home automations the moment they walk-in or walk-out off their premises. To make this feature work effectively with user needs there are different settings that need to be offered with layers of utility-enabled actions and sensing capabilities. Some of them can be like turning the lights on for a certain time or leaving exhaust fans on for one kitchen area when you leave.

All these engrossed facilities can be handled and built through WatchKit Software Tools making it a defining moment in wearable technology. WatchKit is just right tool for seamlessly clubbing your ‘watchful’ idea with the latest technology arrangements and possibilities that Apple Watch has to offer.

The idea of development

It’s not easy to think the same way you think for mobile apps or web apps. It requires a lot of compatible resources, responsive platform that knows wearable technology well and on top of all a congenial environment that helps you ideate, explore and work in that direction. This is where the importance and dimension of WatchKit gets bigger. It offers a new orientation of thinking and gives you a new chance to look at things that way.

The utility of Apple Watch goes far in commanding accessibility and reach across various domains of utility and benefit. You can use Apple Watch to get flight details on the go, news updates anytime anywhere, all important notifications, rerouting information based on GPS tracking, live scores, videos, remote locking for your gadgets and more. It is all ruled by thought on how all this would work when you wear them around the wrist and how to combine such ideas together to serve the next level mobility experience with something as innovative as a smart watch. All you need is resources and tools available with WatchKit to go with this idea and explore and you are through.

Get started

If you are looking to have it right away, follow this link With this download, you can start building amazing applications for Apple Watch and gain hands-on experience this early. You will find all that is needed in form of programming guides, human interface guidelines, actionable templates and more. A few months from now, you will be able to build fully native apps for Apple Watch.

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