Mobile App or Responsive web design: What Works Best?

responsive vs mobile app

Most of the businesses today are exposed to the world of information technology. They have their own experiences with the mobility driven market, and most importantly, they know how the idea of selling and promoting a product has shifted to the mighty technology.

The trends are much in favor of businesses tickling to the user base that is busy with virtually everything on mobile gadgets. Going mobile is not a question anymore, but how to orient and commit to that idea of mobile presence certainly is.

The only thing to look for is whether it is Mobile App or Responsive Website that will work better for you.

Know the difference

Here it is important to first understand how native platform application and mobile website differ in their presence and approach.

Well, building a responsive website you can make the regular website adapt with mobile screen. So, it’s all about fitting your desktop website in a mobile screen or making a big-measurement website to be friendly with the mobile device. It’s majorly fixing the screen issue.

For a mobile app, to be with a mobile device is a very native thing. An app works with a mobile device as any extended feature to it. It goes with different functionalities that mobile devices support. It favors everything from the middleware to the interface and other resources to work in a close coordination to support the entire application system.

Know your purpose

A website works fine with information dissemination and branding. Also, if you have a business already serving a good number of users and have to cater them on the same lines, you should go with a mobile responsive website. This is because you have already engaged them in a milieu that they have been interacting with for some time now. JustDial and Alibaba are good example. You just have to take them to a next level of engagement by offering them a sleeker and handier version of that heavily resourced website. Besides, if cost is a decider, don’t look beyond.

Go with an application when you want to go more functional with your approach. Further, if you have some innovative idea in mind, something that revolves around the mobile stricken mindset, it is better to go with mobile app that rakes in all the resourceful factors of mobility. Go for a concept like Freecharge, Cricbuzz or PayTM that churns out the best of mobile utility keeping a simplified approach towards your end communication goal.

Know your product

If you have a concept business that makes people contribute like Zomato or have ecommerce store that merchandises and sells products like Flipkart go for an app. It will help you do a better scaling of features across varying business possibilities. Interaction, gamification, and even monetization of your product are easy to achieve through a mobile app.

If you supply pump sets or dog care products or just think something traditional that you come across in your daily life, website will be good enough to go with. You have to think more in terms of utility and product personality here and you will be able to draw a fine line for your product.

Know your audience

You have to consider the type of audience you are serving. Think about where your audience comes from (orientation, demographics, consumer behavior) and how to drive their instinct and what channel would suit the whole idea of communication with them. All these things put together with latest acquiring trends would let you work better with your audience. Conduct surveys and do some research with your competitor websites and you will have a considerable idea on what will serve you better in terms of engaging your audience effectively.


Looking at it broadly, you will find that both of them are two sides of a coin. For you what important is getting a mobile handle ready for your business first and you will get away with most of it through either of them. The details placed above would however help you get a sharper idea and a more conventional and disciplined arrangement to achieve close results. Also, to be more precise you can always refer to the inputs and references from experts around.

A tip down the line would be to have a responsive website, if you don’t have any website yet. If you have it already, go ahead and tap the potential you have left unexplored with a suitable mobile app. You would have a better landing on details keeping it simple and conventional in approach early on.

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