Why We Love Android (And You Should, Too!)

We have witnessed Mobile Phone applications use showing unparallel growth across the globe. When it’s about purchasing a new phone, we are provided with the number of options, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows, Symbian or last but not the least Android. And in this race of the titans does Android really leave its mark? Let’s have a look.

Android entered the market of smart phone apps as a revolutionary thrust. Today you want to buy a new phone, Android is the best option to opt for. Why?


Android is available with number of handsets which make you free to choose the one of your choice. There are so many companies throughout the world which are extensively dealing in android OS based handsets including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Spice, Sony Ericsson, Mircomax etc.

It’s not just about the company for most of the people but what is more important is its price. It is most important factor which counts while purchasing a new phone. But this is not a problem with android lovers as android is the phone whose range starts from something as amazingly low as an INR 4K. So it’s not a phone for high end users but due to low price, it is a phone for common people also.

Thanks to Android app developers, who with their applications serves us with utmost pleasure? There are about 675000 apps available in the Google Play store and number is still growing. More than 50% of these apps are available free, which allows users to fully enjoy the application without facing any apprehensions. As per the research, “android users have downloaded more than 25 billion from Google Play, growing at a rate of more than 1.5 Billion per month.” With the accessibility and convenience of the Google Play web site, android user can easily install applications available in the store.

Google Play, originally Android market is a premium store for digital distribution service operated by Google Inc. One of best feature available with Android is GPS Navigation, which uses Google Map navigation service (best one till date) to provide driver turn by turn direction. Not only this, Google Voice which helps you to keep your real mobile number private, Google Goggles, is a fun app which translate the picture in foreign language to your mother tongue but it is limited in scope, Google Sky Map is a amazing app which give you all the info about the star as and when you point your phone towards it and many more. As these apps are in-house product, it is like an add-on advantage for the users.

Back in the day, a “smart” phone was one which lets you manage your calendar and e-mails. Now, the IQ test is more stringent. If today you ask anyone carrying smart phone “what make your phone smart?” they will quickly tell you ,”it is the apps.”

In the world of Smart Phones, Android is a leading player. It is all because of wide availability of its applications, low price, lots of device options to choose from and many other business benefits that android features offer. In short, “if you want to serve yourself with pleasure Android really makes sense”.

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