Trends that will dominate mobile app development in 2015

future mobile trends

Trends keep coming and going with varying demands – the demands that are driven by people’s needs. If a product or an idea understand the requirement of the user and serves it with the right combination of features it wins the game and changes the trend. This phenomenon goes on changing the ways things are treated and sorted. This applies to mobile apps more as the fashion of integrating business with mobility and is catching trends fast. Changing market dynamics, buying perspective, user tendencies and their changing behavioral patterns make or break such trends year after year. Let’s see the major dominating trends to affect mobile app development in 2015:

Cloud Compatible Apps

Cloud is catching fancies of all types of communication systems. The cloud facility is rich in providing easy and smooth transfer of material from anywhere anytime. This makes the utility of cloud apps go leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional sharing options that we’ve been using so far. Now as we see the cloud based components and resources playing big and vast, expect more cloud compatible apps to come your way in the near future.

Connected objects and smart apps

Apple Watch, Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens all are among the top wearable technologies that we have been seeing around for some time now. With such freshly debuted innovative devices on board you can expect a lot of new ideas coming to the smart apps complementing new possibilities to keep you engrossed with the wearable mobile technology. From health monitoring to GPS tracking and facetime conference, let them flow into your daily lifestyle the smarter way – with connected objects and smart apps.

Androids will beat iOS

Android is rising consistently as a mobile app development platform. As per a recent study, the total market share taken by Android in 2013 was 78% already which rose to more than 80% by the end of the year 2014. This pushed the comfortable share enjoyed by Apple out of the list making it a big blow for iOS. Experts say that this is going to continue this year too with the grand range of choice offered by Android in terms of devices, accessories and apps. Expect the trend to go sharper this year!

Steep Decline in Native Apps

Have I just said there would be a rise in Android’s market? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a decline in native apps. As per the latest trends, there will be a significant rise in the web-based apps and this would include different hybrid technologies like PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha to expand. However, this would only add to the platforms share as this would include different platforms across various mobile app verticals having your options running in a more versatile and broader manner (and yes don’t forget cost-effectiveness). Hence, expect cross-platform to take up the market this year.

Parallax Scrolling

It is going to be a lot about visuals in 2015. User experience is going to get a notch higher with many elementary changes in the way we go about interacting with mobile graphics. In this course, you can see Parallax Scrolling to get more importance making app work smoothly across different browsers and display types.

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