Valuable tips which every Android developer must go through

The sales of Android devices are escalating with each passing day and this is indeed the best time to start crafting your Android app in order to run a successful business. Hiring an Android developer can prove out to be extremely helpful.

Owing to the current trend more and more new developers are joining in the Android Developers community.You can easily come across myriad of apps on the Google Play store. However, the scene is that some apps are flooded with downloads and positive reviews, others rarely get to grab the attention.



Hire Android developer


No matter whether you are an experienced developer or a new to Android development services, everyone is in need of advice on resources to get hands on new libraries in order to improve and simplify development life. Here we are presenting a few tips that can prove to be helpful in creating a killer app.

Organizing Code

The coding style of every developer varies and hence it proves difficult to understand or work with the code developed by another developer. This is why it’s better to have consistent coding styles as that makes it easier for other developers to read your code by following a standard set of rules. As it comes to Android, there is a trend of using Java and here having a look at Google’s Java Style Guide can prove to be helpful. This ultimate definition of Google’s coding standards for Java source code can prove to be helpful when you come from a PHP background. Android Best Practices by Futurice can prove to be helpful as it helps in how to consume web services, organizing Java files into packages, naming resources for better readability, what to use for testing, dealing with data storage and much more. Both of these guidelines help in writing code, package organization and libraries to use etc.

Using Libraries

Every developer wants to keep source code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and works to not reinvent the wheel. Futurice says in its guidelines, “Don’t write your own HTTP client, use Volley or OkHttp libraries.”

The same also goes for the HTTP clients. Awesome Android is a curated list of libraries, categorized by their functionality, whereas Android Arsenal is a great arsenal of Android libraries, tools and apps. In fact, you can even zero upon various libraries, decompilers, emulator and more in order to make the development easier. If you’re looking for app security, then Awesome Android Security is certainly advisable, as well as you can find tools like decompilers and reverse engineering tools, analysis tools, etc.

Design better apps

The quality of the app can be easily ascertained by the users within the first 30 seconds, this is why it’s necessary to make your app alluring to the users, or else you will lose out on the customers. At Sitepoint, you will gather wide array of Android design articles, as well as 10 Essential Material Design Resources and Tutorials by Ada Ivanoff and Material Design with the Android Design Support Library by Joyce Echessa are recommended. They are immensely helpful in designing a better app with current Google guidelines. Other than Android Design Support, Awesome Android UI is again another awesome list of UI libraries that can be used to make the app more captivating.

Write Android apps without Java knowledge

Not familiar with Java code? Well, you can still write Android apps and hybrid apps, such as mobile apps developed with the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript can prove to be extremely helpful as well as another best way is going with the Ionic Framework and their full-stack solution for push notifications, analytics and more. Many articles have been published on SitePoint on using Ionic for mobile development. Then there is NativeScript framework that enables developers to use JavaScript in order to build native apps for Android, iOS and soon Windows Phone are going to use the same source code.

Stay Up To Date

Seasoned developers can always prove to be of great help and this is why you can go through the regular blog posts published by the experienced developers related to Android. Android Official Blog and Android Developers Blog can prove to be extremely helpful. Besides, Android Weekly is a free newsletter than is helpful in staying up to date with Android Application Development.

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