How to Increase Downloads for Your Mobile App?

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You have built your app which is doing well with different devices. You have all the features working perfectly and there’s nothing that has been missed. Absolutely no performance issues! But off late, you come to know that in spite of having everything on schedule and as per plan, it is not getting enough response from the users. What went wrong and what should be done now?

Well, here are a few tips and trick to increase user response and downloads of your mobile app:

Get Your App Description Right

To put your app up on the marketplace you need to describe it properly keeping in mind the audience and search engine requirements. The description of your app would decide the success to a large extent. While doing this you have to keep up with the language strategy and target all important local languages like French, Chinese and Spanish etc. Same goes for promoting your app with the stores. While doing this just make sure that the translation is checked for the accuracy and quality.

In the description, use your business keywords smartly. Follow a naming strategy. Say, if your app’s name is bake brown bread, use the word bread about 3-6 times in your description and bake and brown words for about 3 times each while keeping them all relevant and balancing the tone of description well. Also, disclaim the permission the user needs to access your app in the description itself and tell them about features and the monetization model and anything that you find important, keeping transparent and shared, in the first go.

Get an App Video Done

At this level, you need to be quite agile and expressive with your communication and that is possible with an intuitive video representing your idea right. So, get a video done for your app explaining the features, facets, and everything that matters to it. Only get it done with experts who specialize in such jobs as it would be the most eyed presentation of your app. Do not forget to put subtitles for local languages while promoting it on a different land. Look for terrific results with all things up for the right cause done through an expert promotional vent.

Run CPI Burst Campaigns

As per a study, users don’t really care for anything that is lying as far as 50th place in the list. Don’t just depend upon the natural attempts to reach higher grids of your marketplace. Get your way paved for a better response at being listed higher with CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign. With this, you will have to pay a certain amount to the advertiser for each installation done. This will act as a booster to keep you coming up in the list. Even when there’s a good response rate already, the campaign could be run making it bulged further and get benefited from the bandwagon and compound approach favoring it further on.

Offer Limited Period Discounts

Allow them to download your app for free or at some attractive discount. Put it along the CPI campaign or some other marketing technique pushing your downloads up to mind blowing figures. Promote your discounted app through different platforms that dedicatedly cater to such an arrangement where you have users coming in to look for such deals. Top examples of such sites are AppGratis and AppTurbo that do it best to convert those discounts into leading revenues.

Spread the Word Across

Reach out to the audience with a press release. Write a few articles promoting the app. Get a blog raised for regular feeds to be read by the targeted users. Nowadays, there are different digital agencies that take care of all your promotional schemes and agendas, preparing, submitting and circulating your piece of word to the right audience. Once you find the right agency or a professional get it done under a plan and spread the word effectively with their help.

Analyze it Well

Keep your eyes on everything that’s happening. Track the movement of your user and keep a note of their behavior on your app applying the analytics. Just make sure the app analytics service you go with offers multi-app options, lets you compare details of activities and allows you to get all important numbers to help you form a further strategy. Some of the top tools to choose from are Flurry Analytics, Google’s Universal Analytics, Countly and Localytics.

So, here you are! These points will not just guide you through in getting more downloads but also help you manage that all well. If you plan and execute them well, your app will see a huge success followed by big numbers to see you in all great spirits.

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